After spending time with hundreds and brides and grooms on their most intimate and important of days, we thought you might like a heads up on how your day is likely to go down, so we’ve broken down a few of the key parts of the day to give you a basic rundown.


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A fun and relaxed time where you hang with your besties and family. During this time we capture the beautiful details that make your day unique…….your wedding dress, shoes, accessories, perfume and bouquets. We also capture the day as it unfolds, you having your hair and makeup done, sharing a laugh with the girls along with a glass of champagne. When you begin to get dressed and all the beautiful details that happen during this time. We also like to get the first look your father gets of you in your wedding dress as well as some family photos before you head off to walk down the aisle.


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A time to have some fun with the guys pre being ‘hitched’ – we capture the guys hanging together, having a few drinks prior to getting dressed up to the nines and heading off to the ceremony. Sometimes guys head to the barber or do a bit of ‘fishing’ so you can always add a bit of fun to this time.  We are also able to get family photos during this time.


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Coverage of reception includes your grand entrance, speeches, first dances and cake cutting, but much more. It is about capturing the laughter and tears during speeches and the emotions as you relax and celebrate. We also aim to get coverage of everyone who attends. After a day that feels like it has gone way too fast, you will find your reception a slower pace where you can sit, relax, unwind and just enjoy.